Nice Weather - Don't Get Used To It

As I wrote about a week ago, things are looking really nice for this week. The valley's could start to push 70 by Wednesday or Thursday with sunny skies and reasonable winds.

Enjoy it while it lasts, because it aint lasting long!

A number of factors are starting to come together that should provide a fairly sustained period of very stormy weather starting this weekend and lasting into the foreseeable future. Without getting too detailed, the high pressure ridge will move east and the vacuum will be filled by a sub-tropical jet which will bring storms to all of California and the Sierra.

Here is an interesting chart. This is the total precip from Sunday to Tuesday. Which should get a healthy shot, but look west. All that is heading our way as well:


Here is a look at a GFS chart for Sunday morning:

The storm track should come right over Central California.

Not getting too far ahead, a rather large storm looks poised to hit us on March 1, with several smaller storms coming through leading up to the 1st.

I am leaving town tomorrow and will not return until Sunday. I will try and keep an eye on things. But for now, enjoy the beautiful weather and get those powder stix waxed up.