Near Perfect Weather To Slowly Phase Out Ahead of Stormy Pattern

Hard to complain about our weather since the snows stopped in the middle of June. Since that time it has been near perfect with warm sunny days and cool nights. That pattern will not stay constant. Instead we have a series of disturbances headed our way for early next week. As I talked about in my last post, the remnants of Tropical Storm Hilery is going to mix with a trough and prime the atmosphere with moisture. That moisture will be pulled north by a couple of low pressure systems. This pattern that I see developing looks very similar to what we witnessed last March. Large storms to our north, cut off a chunk of their energy and send it down the coast our way. Next Wednesday is looking very interesting with what appears to be a decent precipitation event headed for the Northern Sierra. Take a look:

Again, GFS has this storm coming our way on or about Wednesday October 5th. This will bring snow only to the highest elevations > 10,000 feet, as it will be accompanied by warm air. It will be proceeded by unstable weather starting tomorrow night, with a weak system moving through on Monday.

Our nice weather is not over by any stretch, but it will come in shorter bunches and less frequently.

Stay Tuned ...