Winter is Coming to the Sierra

The beauty of living here is that between the stormy days we usually have nice weather. Since mid-June, we have had only a couple of stormy days and very nice weather. However, it is that time of year when we can expect the storms to start dropping south again and pummeling our mountains. Fall has been beautiful, but that is about to come to an abrupt halt!

The first storm will actually come ashore up in Oregon, move inland a few hundred miles and then drop south. This will usher in a pattern change and much cooler, windier weather. Here is a quick peek at Tuesday, early morning (Notice the isobars being very close together, that means wind!). This storm will not bring much if any precip. Any precip that does accompany this storm will have a greater effect on the valley than the mountains:

Starting next Friday, November 4th, a series of storms are headed our way that could last through the following Tuesday. Right now the models are not agreeing as to the amount of precipitation. My gut is that we will only get 1-2 feet of snow above 8,000 feet through next Tuesday. EC is the more aggressive model. Here is a look at the forecast Sunday (1 week from tomorrow):

Here is my quick disclaimer: We have been dry for some time. I believe the weather models factor that in. I would not be surprised to see these models become more aggressive with these storms as they move closer. One thing that's for sure, our weather pattern is changing. I will keep a close eye on these and report accordingly.

Stay Tuned ...