High Pressure to Dominate Our Weather for the Next 10-15 Days Before Major Change

A Strong area of high pressure is going to move into our area and produce unseasonably warm temperatures and continued dry weather into the foreseeable future. I have checked with a number of weather models and they show no chance of even a passing storm for our area in the next 10+ days. That is the bad news. The good news is that we are finally seeing indications from multiple sources that we are in for a major change between the 12 - 17th of this month. I do not want to jump the gun here, but over the course of the next week I will start to make my case for winter finally coming to Tahoe around the middle of January. This weather has been unprecedented since weather data has been kept.

On another note; I hopped on some of the first chairs at Mt. Rose the last couple of days. Saturday was pretty good, Sunday was truly remarkable. Perfect corduroy on all runs. Remember these conditions are being made with snow supplied by man and not God! Again truly remarkable. If you have not been up there, make some plans to spend a few hours.

One last note; I have done all I can to give me readers hope. Sometimes combing through 50 pages of weather data looking for some sign that snow may come. I have really gone out on a limb and have qualified almost all of my hopeful forecasts. Many forecasters are predicting an entire winter without snow, which is absurd. We will get ours and it looks like that time may be coming in a couple of weeks. Think positive, pray, cross your fingers or whatever you do to bring good fortune!

Happy New Year!

Stay Tuned!