Storm Update

Forecast from prior posts are right on. The next big moisture plume should arrive late morning early afternoon. Then another tomorrow morning. Snow amounts will be in the 4-8 feet range. Much of it depends on where you are. I am still looking at 4-5 feet for Slide Mountain with very good coverage down to the Washoe Valley.

The valley forecast from last post is close, but it appears I may have underestimated the amount of snow. I am now looking for 1-3 feet for the foothills above 5,500 feet and up 6-12 inches for the valley floors.

In addition, the storm for the 27th is still looking good with another 1-2 feet for the Tahoe resorts. It appears the heaviest snow may be the south side of the lake down to Mammoth. I will talk more about this storm tomorrow.

Merry X-Mas!