Nice Weather to Gradually Wind Down, Storms on Tap for 3/21 - 3/26

Our very mild weather will slowly cool each day until next Wednesday/Thursday. Then things get really interesting. A very large and impressive storm is headed our way and could bring as much as 4 inches of liquid precip to the Western Crest of Lake Tahoe. It will tap into very warm moist air and elevations on this one could be a little tricky. For Mt. Rose, expect all snow. Preliminary indications, however, are 7,000-7,500 feet.

Here is a look at next Thursday, March 21st:

This storm comes in from the west and moves North as it reaches land. This could be a bullseye on Tahoe and could bring a major weather event. Being a week off, we will have to wait and see, but this comes from the much more reliable European Model (ECMWF).

Here is a look at the precip forecast for this storm, pretty impressive for late March:

This storm is going to stick around for a while and should send several waves of precip our way. It will finally exit the scene as another storm pushes it out. Here is a look at that storm and the forecast for the following Monday the 25th of March:

This storm is still 11 days out and accuracy this far out is sketchy at best.

Suffice it to say, we are going to move into a stormy period starting next week and lasting for a prolonged period of time. Enjoy the warm weather, it's not going to last. It never does this time of  year.

Stay Tuned ...