Weak Storm Cycle Starts Up Thursday

A series of small storms are headed our way starting very early Thursday and lasting through Sunday. I do not see any major precip events, but before all is said and done we could see a few feet of mountain snow around the crest and about a foot in the Carson range. There are 3 distinct waves headed our way.

Wave 1 Earl Thursday Morning

Wave 2 Early Friday Morning

Wave 3 Late Saturday

As you can see for yourself, the 3rd wave is the biggest of all, but still not very impressive. Here is a look at the total precip for the 3 waves combined:

The Western Crest of the Sierra could see some areas in the 1-2 inch range, especially north. The Carson range is in the .5 to 1 inch range. That will translate into about a foot of snow by next Monday above 7,000 feet. Probably not enough to fill up the ponds for the pond hockey players.

I continue to read that things are setting up nicely. Traditionally this sort of setup can usher in larger and wetter storms. However, I am still unable to pin point any particular storm. The long range guys seem to be talking about late Thanksgiving weekend for the fun to start.

Before you global warmers get cranked up, call your friends in the Midwest, East and Southeast. Remember, they broke nearly every record for cold and snow last year, even in the deep southern USA. Their winter has come in like a lion, despite weak El Nino conditions and they could be in for it again. For those of us who are in a very small strip of North America who are not getting pummeled, consider yourself lucky or unlucky, however you see it. One thing that is for sure; we are in the minority.

Fantasy Forecast (1 Month Total Precip)
For those of you who enjoy looking ahead, you can see that our Fantasy Forecast is looking better; 

The models are seeing something that they like as most of Tahoe is in the 6-8 inches of liquid precip area. From what I am reading, I would not be surprised if these estimates are low. I will continue to look for that first big storm and when I see it you will know.

Stay Tuned ...