As Storms Approach, They Die ... Dry Outlook

My hope was a few good storms for the 2nd half of January, however that is not looking so good right now. I have just checked the short, medium and long range models for our area; things look dry especially for the next 10 days. The storm I talked about for the 17th will show up, weaken and barely have an effect on our weather. There will be very little if any precip.

What is even more depressing is the long range model, which shows almost no activity for Tahoe in the next 30 days. That has changed from what it was showing. A number of factors are responsible for this dry spell, too many to talk about here.

Looking at the precip totals, they are also very depressing, about 30% of average. Could we be in for our 4th straight below average year? A monumental change would need to take place to avoid this.

Now the bright side; We will get snow in Feb and March. Hopefully things turn around and we make a nice comeback. I do not believe that over the last 4 years we have changed our climate and Tahoe will dry up and the Sierra will turn into a big desert. What does that mean? We are due. More due than most residents can ever remember. Meanwhile the rest of North America will continued to get battered! Do not worry, soon it will be our turn. Until then, there is nothing you can do except enjoy the beautiful weather!

Stay Tuned ...


  1. How can you honestly trust any Model so far this year? They have all been so wrong.

  2. Is there any end to ridge or are we looking at Mid February until the next shot of precept? Is there any sign of a patter change? Is this going to be the same thing that happens every year?

  3. Could this drought be caused by the constant SRM aerosol spraying happening over developing lows? My little hobby is watching the weather develop on the weather satellites. I've been watching for about a decade.
    To my untrained eye, even I can see that the weather patterns are completely askew. Any developing low is stamped out. Our jet stream has persistent (unbelievably persistent) highs causing the stream to shoot straight north for VERY abnormal lengths of time.
    So, I looked into SRM (solar radiation management) and weather Geoengineering. Whalah! It ALL made perfect sense to me.
    What I can't wrap my head around is, if I can figure this out, why can't the professionals? It's blatantly in front of your face! I cannot comprehend how you can look at today's weather satellites and not see the obvious. It's the 10,000 pound gorilla sitting in the room yet you can't see it? Not even the obvious spraying? My gosh! It looks like a zebra on steroids! Really? You don't see it?
    You will not be getting any snow unless those who are in charge allow it. Period. Mark my words. This year's snow pack will be worse than last years. Next year will be worse than this year. They are moving the wet weather to the East. Just like they've been doing the last couple of years.
    Until people make a stand and get this weather modification under some regulations, you won't be getting any normal weather patterns. I can't believe for one minute that a meteorologist doesn't see what is happening. It's so blatant and in your face it's impossible to ignore.
    Planes spraying aerosols over precipitation equals no precipitation. Solar downbursts over precipitation equals no precipitation.


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