As Storms Approach, They Die ... Dry Outlook

My hope was a few good storms for the 2nd half of January, however that is not looking so good right now. I have just checked the short, medium and long range models for our area; things look dry especially for the next 10 days. The storm I talked about for the 17th will show up, weaken and barely have an effect on our weather. There will be very little if any precip.

What is even more depressing is the long range model, which shows almost no activity for Tahoe in the next 30 days. That has changed from what it was showing. A number of factors are responsible for this dry spell, too many to talk about here.

Looking at the precip totals, they are also very depressing, about 30% of average. Could we be in for our 4th straight below average year? A monumental change would need to take place to avoid this.

Now the bright side; We will get snow in Feb and March. Hopefully things turn around and we make a nice comeback. I do not believe that over the last 4 years we have changed our climate and Tahoe will dry up and the Sierra will turn into a big desert. What does that mean? We are due. More due than most residents can ever remember. Meanwhile the rest of North America will continued to get battered! Do not worry, soon it will be our turn. Until then, there is nothing you can do except enjoy the beautiful weather!

Stay Tuned ...