Models Temper Down Storms

We have a fast moving storm approaching for Friday. However, that storm will make land up in Oregon and come down with a really crappy trajectory ... if you want snow that is. With it, more cool air is on the way. The pattern will probably hold for another week or so before another chance at storms comes in.

Sorry folks, but that is all I have. The 30 day is still showing some promise, but these storms appear to be fizzling out again. I am hoping for a major change in a couple of weeks or so, but have nothing I am willing to show.

About the only good news I have, is that we will stay on the cool side for the next 7-10 days starting on Friday as we get into that north flow. Good news if you are trying to manage a hockey pond!

I am leaving town for a few days, hopefully something will start to spin up around the time I get back. If so, I will let you know.

Stay Tuned ...