Storm Cycle Could Start Up Again Around the 11th of March

I am seeing indications that a new storm cycle could crank up again around the 11th of March. Both the EC and GFS models are forecasting a decent storm heading our way in about a week. That could possibly usher in about 5-7 days of stormy weather.

Here is the EC forecast for the 11th of March:

I know this does not look that impressive, but the models have been going back and forth on just how large a series of storms will be, starting around the 12th. The GFS has been hinting a a much larger storm for our area around the 15th.

Unfortunately, the models have not been able to stick with a forecast on a consistent basis. I thought I would put this out there. I will continue to track this possible event and report accordingly.

Stay Tuned ...


  1. Hey it might be a bit early but do you think this persistent Ridge is going to keep reappearing every winter? Are the SST of the west coast going to cool anytime soon? Maybe this summer. Sorry just so frustrated with these dry winters.

    Thanks, Jimmy

  2. It do believe it is a bit early. The persistent ridge has been with us forever. The question has always been its location. When that ridge moves south and west it can actually help storms into our area. There are so many variables that nobody really knows what is going to happen. That is why we have weather forecast models. However, if you know anything about how they work, you would probably stop looking more than 3 days out. Stay positive, it will snow in Tahoe again! Trust me.

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  4. Will do, and thanks so much for the reply!!



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