Huge Storm Gathers Moisture and Builds in Strength; Tahoe in the Bullseye

Yesterday we talked about an abrupt and sudden change to the weather pattern. Today we started to feel the leading edge of what will become a massive storm that will stretch from Japan to the Western Rockies of the USA. Here is a look at the Pacific Ocean forecast for Saturday:

This storm is the gift that will keep on giving. It will stall out off the NW USA coast and send multiple waves of moisture south ... toward Tahoe.

On Saturday night, through most of the day on Sunday we should see very heavy snow above 7,000 feet (I hope). There is so much moisture associated with this storm, that those snow levels could creep up to 8,000 feet to begin with. Through the morning and day on Sunday, snow levels will come down and I believe the leeward foothills (Arrow Creek, Galena Forest, etc) could see up to 6 inches of snow.

Here is the latest forecast for 10:00 Saturday night:

Our heaviest snow will come very early Sunday morning. We will receive heavy to moderate snow through Monday as the main precip moves through and additional waves come our way. There will be a short drying out period before the next precip waves get pushed our way.

Although it is nearly impossible to forecast the exact winds, this storm does not have the 100+ mph winds associated with it, especially as the moisture comes in. I think there is a reasonable chance that Rose could keep the lifts open through the day on Sunday. Again, very difficult to predict so check their site or the Unofficial Mt. Rose site. I would also keep an eye on the Sierra Avalanche site if you plan on taking your adventure to the back country which will be very dangerous.

This next few weeks will be highly fluid and could usher in some very dangerous weather for the entire state of California, especially in the Sierra. There are parts of the Sierra, north and west of Lake Tahoe that could pick up 15 inches of liquid precip in the next 8-10 days. Here is a look at the precip forecast for the next 10 days, we are seeing amounts that are quite impressive:

Almost all of Tahoe is in the .... get this ... 10-12 inch range. We are talking liquid, not snow. Translate that to snow at the highest elevations and we are talking 10-15 feet or more. Averages can be a real bummer! I think it is safe to say that Rose will hit the 30 foot mark for the season quite easily.

Stay Tuned ...