When Will the Storm Machine Start Cranking?

Although it has been a cool fall, we have not seen any winter storms thus far. Currently we have our persistent ridge of high pressure blocking storms and forcing them north, take a look:

 However, I am seeing a change in that pattern with two storms, one from the south and one from the north, squeezing that ridge out to sea. That change looks to be around the 19th or 20th of October. The massive storm in the image above, will move south and split into a large and small storm. The smaller storm will move way south while the larger storm will come ashore in Washington. Here is a look at the forecast for very early on the 18th:

The storm to the north will drop a wave south, right into the Tahoe area. That will pick up sub-tropical moisture and deliver it to the Sierra. Here is a look at the 19th of October:

I do not expect any major precipitation, but we could see up to a foot in the Carson Range, as this storm's trajectory looks pretty good. This is an early season warmer type of storm, I look for snow levels to be around 7,500 feet and drop as the front moves through.

Here is the precip forecast:

Finally, they are not waiting around at Mt. Rose. I have it from a reliable source, that Rose has expanded their snow making capabilities and turned the guns on this morning. Expect updates from Unofficial Mt. Rose throughout the season.

Stay Tuned ...