Three Progressively Strong Storms and a Return to Winter

Three storms each stronger than the previous storm are poised to hit Tahoe. We talked about 2 of these storms in last week's post. Not much has changed, we expect the first storm to be the warmest and weakest of the bunch. Unlike last storm, which saw snow elevations at around 10,000 feet, these storms will be much colder.

The first storm is the warmest of the bunch and we expect up to 6 inches of snow above 7,500 feet. This is a very fast moving storm, because it will pushed out by a much stronger storm. Here is the forecast for very late on Thursday night:

Although this storm lacks a huge moisture tap, there are several waves of precip associated with it. We expect this event to last for about 36 hours and dump 1-2 feet (or more) of snow above 6,500 feet. As the cold front passes through snow levels will fall to around 4,000 feet and I expect the lowest parts of the leeward valleys to pick up a few inches of snow. If you live in the leeward foothills, you could see 5-9 inches of snow.

The next storm is the coldest and most impressive of the bunch. Here is the forecast for very late on Sunday night:

This storm will hang around for around 30 hours and should dump an additional 1-2 feet above 6,000 feet. We believe the potential exists for more snow, as this storm is more intense, has more moisture and will come in colder.

Looking at the liquid precip totals for the 3 storms:

According to the EC weather model we are talking about 2-4 inches of liquid precip. Remember the snow ratios will be higher with these colder storms and we believe that this prediction could be low.

After the third storm, high pressure moves back in, but possibly temporarily as the storm machine continues to crank.

Stay Tuned ...