4 Small to Moderate Storms Over the Next 10 Days

We are tracking four storms over the next 10 days. Here is what we are seeing:

Tuesday Afternoon 4/10 - This is the smallest of the storms and barely qualifies. However it will give our persistent ridge a swift kick in the you know what. Any precip that does fall below 8,000 feet, will be rain.

Late Wednesday 4/11 - Larger storm that will have some valley spill over effect. Snow levels will start at around 7,500 feet and rapidly fall all the way to the valley floor. It will feel like winter around here come Thursday.

Sunday Afternoon 4/15 - Temperatures begin to recover Friday and Saturday, then another storm comes down from the north. As the cold front pushes through, Monday and Tuesday will again feel like winter.

Wednesday Evening April 18th - Another cold storm from the north. This will push through and temps will plummet again. This should have some valley spill over as well. As cold front comes through, snow levels will drop to about 6,000 feet or possibly even lower.

Here is what it all means over the next 10 days:

Stay Tuned ...