Storm Door to Remain Wide Open

Another storm is poised to hit the Tahoe Area today and should get cranking this afternoon. This storm will pull sub-tropical moisture from the south, which will raise snow levels to 8,000 feet or higher.

After a short break, the storms return on Tuesday and should last through Thursday and even into Friday. Here is a look at the peak of next week's storms late Wednesday night (11/28):

Snow levels next week will probably be 7,000 feet or lower, but we will get a better indication in a few days.

After another short break, a large storm moves into the Pacific NW and will potentially bring a major weather event to Tahoe. Right now the models have the bulk of the energy staying north, but if that storm shifts just a bit south, we could be talking about a real Sierra Blizzard event. Here is what things may look like Saturday December 1st. Regardless, this storm will bring additional heavy snow to the region:

So the total precip outlook for the next week or so looks like this:

The precip amounts usually take a few days to catch up to the weather events, so I believe we could be talking about 4-8 inches of liquid precip for the Carson Range in the next 10 days or so, which would open up the entire mountain. I don't see any significant shadowing with this series of storms, so Mt. Rose with it's high base, will again be the winner as these storms are all moderately warm.

Looking ahead, I see this pattern continuing until about mid-December. Then our blocking ridge could be moving back into place.

Stay Tuned ...