Pattern Change is Here; 3 Storms in Next 10 Days

The much anticipated pattern change that we have been talking about has finally arrived. There are 3 storms that should come into our area and deliver some much needed, fresh snow. Each storm will get progressively stronger.

For now, conditions are very firm and some rocks are beginning to peek through, I read a very interesting article over on Unofficial Rose as very dangerous conditions exist in the Mt. Rose Chutes, check out the picture posted there after a huge storm!

After several week waves roll in from the north and deliver a few inches of snow over the weekend, the first real storm should roll in here Monday night (1/13):

This is the weakest of the storms. The next storm, which is much stronger should come in next Wednesday after noon (1/15) and should last through at least Friday morning:

Next, the following Sunday (1/19),  see's the 3rd storm in the bunch roll in:

All told these three storms should produce significant precip and should be cold enough to bring snow levels down to the leeward valley floor. The 3rd storm has a better moisture tap, which means a warmer storm, but still all snow, we believe, above 6,500 feet.

Here is a look at the precip forecast for the next 10 days:

Most of Tahoe should pick up 4-7 inches of liquid precip which translates into 4+ feet of snow.

After the last storm, high pressure will move in, but it could just be temporary as the storm machine will hopefully continue to crank out storms for Tahoe.

Stay Tuned ...