No Major Pattern Changes in Foreseeable Future

TWB is a long range forecasting service. Unfortunately, we have to have something to forecast in order to blog. This is just a reminder to our loyal readers that we are still around, but Ma Nature is not cooperating.

We have been in an impudent pattern that brings 4-5 days of mild weather and then a dry cold front drops out of the north and we get cold for a 2-3 days. That is not going to change. Next weekend will bring us yet another cold front from the north. This system has very little moisture associated with it. It will then clear out and we will hit 4-5 days of seasonal to above average temperatures.

Here is the culprit. The ridge of high pressure is blocking the west coast and is moving, however slightly, north and south.

I glanced at the EC Monthly Control View and it is showing no precipitation for our area for the next 30 days, that is well into March.

Of course that could change quite quickly. Ironically, we have no idea what instigates this change, but it happens all the time, so I would not get too depressed quite yet.

In addition, these types of dry January and February's usually lead to a wet March and April. We will just have to see.

However after 4 years of average to well above average precip, we were due for this. The averages do not change much, even over periods of hundreds of years. Let's count our blessings for the early season snow we did get.

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Stay Tuned ...