Late Season Winter Storm Knocking on Door

Under normal circumstances, we would be thrilled by a late season winter storm showing up this weekend. However, it seems the ski gods are rubbing things in our face. Of course they are not, and late season moisture is very beneficial for filling reservoirs and aquifers. However, doesn't it seem ironic that the last 2+ months of the ski season, we got very little precip. Since the ski areas closed, it has been snowing almost non-stop in the Sierra. Funny world we live in.

This storm is already impacting the Western Sierra and will show up in our area late this afternoon with the peak of the storm not coming until Sunday afternoon:

We expect about 12-15 hours of heavy snow for the Sierra. However, like all late season storms, this will not hold together as it crosses the Western Crest. We expect 4-5 feet of snow on the crest and about half that for the Carson Range, about 2 feet. It will be a colder storm with snow levels hovering right at about Lake Level or a little higher (6,400 feet).

Here is a look at the precip potential:

Once this storm has passed, high pressure will move in. However, looking a week or so down the road, we could easily slip into another stormy pattern. With the exception of a few days this week, we expect continued below average temperatures.

If things are going to start to return to "normal" in our society after April, here is a bit of good news; there are only 30 days in April!

Sven has been posting every day over at Unofficial Rose, with some really interesting stories and ideas for what you can do when there is nothing to do.

Stay Tuned ...