Will Ma Nature Help with the Fires? La Nina Winter

 As our extremely dry pattern continues, there is some relief in sight, especially for Oregon, Washington and Northern California.

We are tracking the season's first decent storm, which is prepared to come ashore around the 9th-11th of October. I know, that is a very long time from now, but this is the first sign that perhaps winter will start and fire season will wind up.

Here is a look at the forecast from the 10th of October:

With a ridge of high pressure to south blocking any sub-tropical moisture tap, we will not see copious amounts of precip. However, this storm is born in the north and will usher in much cooler and more humid air, which should give our heroic fire fighters a much better chance at containment. We do see 1-2 inches of liquid precip for areas of Northern California, Oregon and Washington. Cross your fingers that they are the right areas as heavy precip will be scattered.

La Nina - It is a Certainty

We will officially be in a La Nina winter this year. La Nina means dry conditions for SoCal. It means variable conditions for our area and it should be a wet winter for the Pacific NW. 

We will be publishing out winter outlook in the coming days.

Stay Tuned ...