A Couple of Glancing Blows; No Major Storms for at least Next 7-10 Days

Our persistent ridge of high pressure, after being tossed around like a rag doll, is making a comeback. We have a few glancing blows that for the most part will be blocked by said ridge.

The first is late Monday night (1/3), early Tuesday morning:

Notice that blocking ridge to our south. We will get a glancing blow at best, perhaps 6 inches of snow up at Mt. Rose.

The next is Friday (1/7) in the morning:

Again, another glancing blow. The good news, these smaller systems should mix up the air and prevent a long, drawn out temperature inversion. 

Temperatures will fluctuate, but we still see high's in the 50's for valley locations starting Thursday.

Not much else happening, Happy New Year!

Stay Tuned ...