Four Inches for Carson Range, Next Shot Comes in Saturday

The well advertised inside slider brought in some very cold air out of Canada and about 4 inches of snow on the eastern front range. That was a pretty productive slider that produced more precip than I had thought possible.

The next chance for snow comes in on Saturday. The models are in agreement that a wave will come from the northwest through our area and produce more snow. Here is a look at that storm on late Saturday morning:

This is not a very large storm, but every bit helps. The following chart shows the expected total precip for Saturday and Sunday:

Right now it looks like around an inch, more west of the lake, less east of the lake. Based on our cold temps I expect this to be all snow for all of Tahoe. The snow to liquid ratio should be high so I am expecting between 8-16 inches of snow ... possibly slightly more. That should be enough for the fine folks at rose to get NW cranked up and start the season.

I am tracking a slightly larger storm for next week around Wednesday or Thursday. Here is a look at the forecast for late Wednesday, early Thursday:

Again, not a huge storm but this should bring 1-2 inches of liquid precip. That could translate into more than a foot of much needed snow for the Sierra and Carson Ranges.

All in all the next week could and should bring some much needed snow as the storm cycle cranks up. Here is the total precip for the next 10 days (includes both storms):

Looking a little further out, the storms are getting much bigger. The question is will conditions ripen for them to make it into our area. Right now the jury is still out.

Stay Tuned ...