Two Storms, Then High Pressure Takes Control

The wind that we have experienced the last few days is a storm to the north that will eventually push some moisture down toward Tahoe. At this point it is not looking like much. We have two storms coming and both are at the very southern tip of precip. First here is a look at late Saturday night:

We are on the warm side of this storm and snow levels again will be very high. Most of the precip will be confined to west of Lake Tahoe. The Carson range may pick up a few inches (6 inches if we are lucky) and as much as a foot for the Western Crest of the Sierra.

Late on Tuesday a second storm comes in. That storm will be similar to this storm, but could provide more precip further east. With it will come a cold front that will push temps about 15-20 degrees cooler. Our 60's and 70's will be 40's and 50's after Wednesday. Here is a look at late at Tuesday night:

These storms are pretty disappointing. I was hoping to build on the momentum of last weekends super storm. I am afraid that is not going to happen. I see high pressure building in and the following week brings back warm temps, high's near 70.

Here is a look at the total precip for the next two storms:

Western crest could be looking at 2 inches, with the Carson range getting about half that. This will be sure to get the drought mongers going, but we here at TWB will look for another pattern change. We are still 2 weeks from March and I look forward to the possibility of a stormy March. Time will tell and so will we.

Stay Tuned ...