Don't Expect Dry Weather to Last Too Long

The word is out. High pressure is coming to Tahoe and will dominate our weather into and maybe through 2015. Part of the problem of having 85,000 readers is they tend to think that anybody, including yours truly, knows what they are talking about when it comes to medium term weather forecasting! Most other forecasters, who undoubtedly spend much of their time on this site, charge their readers by posting annoying adds that allow you to download malware, spyware, etc. I cannot do that. Posting adds on the site and taking revenue would mean I am providing a dependable service. I am not, nobody is, trust me!

I actually made the first chairs this morning on the Slide Side of Mt. Rose and the talk of the line was ridge city, or another way to put it, no more snow.

I guess after the last few years we are still a bit shell shocked. My last post was perhaps a bit too direct to a public that is almost waiting for the bad news to come. Let me qualify this; the long range forecast shows a dry period. Folks that is nothing new and is sure not to last, especially this year. Weather is such a fickle thing and the machine we call earth is too complex for us to really grasp.

Even the slightest change in conditions will change that forecast. Looking at this mornings run, I am seeing those changes. After the last 3 years I feel like a storm chaser. Go out and find something to give the readers hope. Well here is some hope, I am tracking a massive storm that could ride in on the Westerlies and bring the precip back to Tahoe on or around the 3rd of January and around the 8th of January. That is a lot better than what I have been seeing for the past couple of weeks! Here is what the European Centre for Medium Range Weather Forecasts (ECMWF - EC) thinks about the 3rd of January:

This huge storm would be plenty strong enough to push that ridge of high pressure down to Mexico where it belongs this time of year!

Stay Tuned ...