Tahoe in Bullseye for Next Storm

We have a good 12 hours of heavy precip left in this storm, but it is never too early to talk about the next storm.

That storm is set to begin Tuesday afternoon and before all is said and done, it could drop 3-10 additional feet of snow on the Sierra and Carson Range. Snow levels again are a bit tricky and could hover around the 8,000 foot mark as this storm is pulling in Sub Tropical moisture from as far way as Hawaii. Right now the models are predicting near constant, heavy precip until late the following Thursday. Folks, that is 60 hours of moderate to heavy precip. If that is all snow, I believe this could be one of the biggest precip weeks in sometime and could bring nearly 10 feet of snow to the Carson Range.

The following 3 images are Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday at noon, as seen through the forecast eye of the ECMWF:

Tuesday noon pst:

Wednesday noon pst:

Thursday noon pst:

Finally here is the precip totals through next Friday, pretty staggering:

Areas west of the lake could get as much as 13-14 inches of liquid precip. The upper elevations of those areas will pick up well in excess of 10 feet of snow.

The Carson range is in line for 7-8 inches of precip, which is why I foretasted so much snow for Mt. Rose. My guess right now for snow levels: 7,500-8,000 feet. For this storm, I do not see the levels going above 8,000 and could come down to the 7,000 foot mark. Let's keep our fingers crossed.

Lesson to learn here: Averages always catch up!

Stay Tuned ...