Heavy Sierra Snow Continues Until Wednesday, Then Short Break, Then Another Impressive Storm for Next Weekend

Averages have a way of catching up. We have been saying that for years. Last year we shifted from an extremely dry pattern to an average winter. That trend told us, that those averages were going to start catching up, this year. That is why we predicted an above average snowfall year. We had no idea!

This latest storm continues to pound Northern California and the Sierra. It will continue until Wednesday morning then we will have a short drying out. Here is a look at the current conditions:

As this latest storm moves inland, it will give way to a drier period. That will last until Saturday afternoon when the next system moves in. That system can be clearly seen along with its path straight to California. Those two storms will eventually become one larger storm. Again, that storm will have a very large moisture tap. Here is a look at the forecast for next Saturday afternoon:

Currently, the models are not showing another massive moisture event. However, the scales have changed. We can expect an additional 3-8 inches of liquid precip in the 60 hours that this storm hangs around.

Here is a look at the forecast total precip for the next 10 days:

Over the next 10 days, most areas of the Sierra will be picking up 7-12 inches of liquid precip. At 7,500 feet and above, that will translate into 5-15 additional feet of snow, depending on area and elevation.

We see no indication that this pattern will suddenly stop. However, perhaps the next storm is an indication that as the season moves on, the storms are weakening. 

When the next storm finally moves on, we are seeing a period of several days of dry, sunny weather. However, that could and probably will change.

Stay Tuned ...