Stormy Week Starts Late Tomorrow Night

A series of moderate storms are headed our way. The first is knocking on the door. It is going to take about 24 hours for this storm to get organized, then it will tap into some moisture and begin what should be a fairly stormy week. The synopsis is: Storm Monday through Tuesday, break Wednesday through Thursday, then another storm for Friday into Saturday.

Here is the first of the storms as it gets cranking around noon on Tuesday:

Again, we see some shadowing for the Sierra and we are right on the edge of the cold and warm air. I believe this will be all snow above 7,500 feet.

After a break for Wednesday and most of Thursday, the next storm arrives late Thursday night. Here is a look at the forecast as the storm approaches Thursday afternoon:

This storm is packing cool air and tapping into very warm sub-tropical air which is always challenging to forecast snow levels. As we get closer we can pinpoint where the rain snow line will occur. Right now my guess is around 8,000 feet.

The precip totals are pretty impressive for this time of year:

I am guessing 18-36 inches of fresh snow by next Saturday for the Carson Range and Mt. Rose Ski area. Along the crest, above 8,000 feet, you can double that.

Looking further ahead, another set of storms is headed our way and it looks to be a stormy weather track through the end of the month.. Let's see how the models deal with these next storms, next week.

Stay Tuned ..