Weak Storm Knocking on Door, Then Dry through the Year

Well, the pattern change we were hoping for starting Christmas, seems to be nothing but a fantasy as all the models have backed off, including the long range models.

After this next storm, which will open the door for a huge blocking ridge of high pressure to step in, we expect very dry weather with little if any precip for the Tahoe area through the remainder of this year.

We are also seeing the beginning of January, at least, to be dry.

Here is a look at the forecast for Sunday (12/22) at around noon:

We could see around a foot of snow, but more likely in the 6 inch range as this storm is moving through rapidly. Notice the ridge which will move east and setup a blocking pattern:

The outlook for January is for Below average precip and below average temperatures.

Having said all this, in our never ending effort to locate a light at the end of the tunnel, the EC long range is predicting a possible pattern change around the middle of January.

Stay Tuned ...