Weather Pattern to Remain Active Through at least Mid-December

Our active weather pattern will continue through at least the middle of the month and may stay with us longer. Right now the EC and GFS weather models are in agreement that a series of storms are headed our way. However, they are not in complete agreement as to the impact of these storms on the Tahoe area and Northern Sierra.

The current storm should continue to send waves of precipitation our way through the remainder of the day. The Low Pressure system, will then dip a bit south and make an attempt to come back up to our area. Right now, however, it looks like most of the remaining moisture will stay south. This storm really hit the brakes as it got to our area.

We think the next storm will not arrive until Friday, which will give us a 3 day break in the precipitation. We have been tracking this storm for some time. Here is a look at the forecast for very late Friday night (December 6):

This is a large storm, although the models have backed off on just how much precip is coming our way with this storm. This storm will last through Sunday morning and then we will have another short break between storms.

Here is the forecast for Thursday afternoon (December 11):

The models are still pretty undecided on just how much moisture comes our way. Suffice it to say, this should be another heavy dose of snow for the Sierra.

We are tracking additional storms through around the 20th of the month. Although the models have backed off on just how much precip is coming our way, it still looks to be quite a bit. Here is the 15-day precip forecast:

We are looking at 5-8 inches of liquid precip for most of the Northern Sierra.

Stay Tuned ...