Snow Starts Tomorrow; Last Through the New Year and Beyond

Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, Happy New Year to all!

Our pattern change is really starting to take hold. We have a series of storms coming to Tahoe that will begin tomorrow and last through at least the 3rd of January with few breaks in between.

Like old times!

Tomorrow's storm is shaping nicely:

The next storm we had coming in on the 28th. However, the models are showing that storm actually moving south into So Cal, very un La Nina like. However it will deliver some very beneficial moisture down there where they need it.

The next storm will begin to effect our weather around the 29th of December. This is a complex storm with cold air from the north and moist, sub-tropical air from the south. We like that combination.

This storm is going to effect nearly the entire west coast. One thing you will not see in these charts is the ridge of high pressure which tends to setup off the west coast and push storms north.

Finally, you can see the storm in the western Pacific. That too will come in and effect our area. In fact, looking way out we see several very large storms setting up. Also, we see the ridge moving back north so very difficult to tell what will happen as move past the first week in January.

One quick disclaimer, the models are not in total agreement, especially as we move into next week. However, the ridge is out of the picture and we believe storms will drop into our area and bring 3-6 feet of snow to the Carson Range over the next 10 days. Here is the liquid precip forecast, we believe this is low at 3-5 inches of liquid for all of Tahoe.

One thing we have not seen yet; that big La Nina storm. We believe it will happen around the middle of January sometime. Again, keeping a positive attitude here at TWB.

Have a great holiday season!

Stay Tuned ...