Storm Winds Down Friday Morning, Next Storm Late Monday, Then Dry and Warm

 Ma Nature is showing off!

Our current massive storm has shifted north again and should add a least a couple more feet of snow to the Carson Range, which has already seen over 4 feet.

The next storm comes in late on Monday and is taking dead aim at Tahoe:

I would expect that we will pick up another 12-24 inches from this next storm. That should bring the total amount of snow for the week to around 100 inches for Mt. Rose. That should open all remaining terrain.

However, this storm cycle is over after Tuesday. High Pressure will dominate our weather and bring much warmer than average temps to the area. Notice the warm air, in this next chart, extending all the way into BC:

This is the forecast from the GFS weather model, the EC model is saying we will NOT get that warm.

The next storm cycle looks to start around the 13th of February.

Stay Tuned ...