When Will it Snow Again?

 High Pressure is in complete control making for very mild days. Unfortunately, in a year that has seen much below average precipitation, that means what little snow we do have is melting. Here is a view of our current conditions:

You can clearly see the warm air has moved almost to the Washington State border. That begs the question; When will it snow in Tahoe again?

We will see a small system come through on the 22nd and bring much needed cold air with it. The effect this system will have on our weather will be seen, however, in the days following the 22nd. It is going to nudge our ridge of high pressure west just enough to allow the storms to start dropping out of the north and bring in a very welcome change to our weather pattern.

The first decent storm in the series will be around the 25th of January:

Notice the ridge of high pressure has moved well west, opening the storm door.

Here is the forecast for late on the 26th of January:

We believe there could be several more storms in the series for the end of January but we do not want to get too far ahead of ourselves. Right now the models are predicting around 3-5 inches of liquid precip for the storm starting on the 26th. However, the models and as a result us, have been over predicting snow fall amounts all year. If you look at the glass as being half full, that means we are due for a much bigger storm to come in the area. Yes, we are due!

Stay Tuned ...