Prepare For Sierra Spring Conditions

The last storm in the cycle has now moved through the area dropping close to a foot of snow on Slide Mountain and leaving slightly more west of the crest. This is exactly what we expected as the models nailed another one. As the backside of this storm drops down the cold front, winds will continue, however by Tuesday afternoon a ridge of high pressure will move into the area bringing sunny skies and much warmer temps. Expect 60's by Wednesday.

Looking forward, there will be a series of glancing blows of systems that are being pushed to our north. Those glancing blows will bring wind and little if any precip. Most will drop the temps 5-10 degrees and bring windy conditions for a short period of time before they recover ahead of the next system. This is typical of spring in the Sierra. Most valley snow is already gone and the foothills will continue their melt through the weekend. That means expect golf courses to start opening up again, which of course means ski in the morning, golf in the afternoon ... something truly unique about our area.

This last storm cycle, which lasted almost the entire month of February brought some 8-15 feet of snow to the Sierra. Many areas of the leeward foothills picked up in excess of 5 feet of snow. Free water for everybody!

There are some indications that another storm cycle may be trying to form for a few weeks down the road. I will keep an eye on this and report accordingly. Until then ...

Stay Tuned ...