We Are On The Edge Of The Storm Track

Here is our current condition:

Blocking High Pressure has set up to our south and west. This causes the storms to track north of Tahoe. Currently the models have that blocking high moving slightly south, which puts us right on the edge of the storm track. If it moves a little further south than expected, we can expect another storm cycle to start up next week. If it remains or moves only slightly south, we can expect just glancing blows that bring us wind but very little if any precip, which is that typical Sierra spring pattern I talked about last post.

Mountain Snows Next Week
Both GFS and EC have a series of storms that will move north of us, but not too far north where we only get the glancing blow.  Here is a look at next Monday's forecast by the GFS weather model. Notice the storm is to the north, but the moisture is able to penetrate the outer rings of the high pressure system:

This makes forecasting weather very inaccurate at best. Suffice it to say, however, storms are in the area and we could be looking at another snowy pattern starting next week.

Stay Tuned ...