3 Storms All Snow

Not much has changed from our forecast. We have 3 storms heading our way. These storms will NOT produce the same amount of precip as that last batch, however they are much cooler and will bring snow all the way to the valley floor.

First, here is a look at the storm track:

These next 3 storms are taking aim at the Tahoe area.

The first storm, will start out a little warmer, but will set the table for the other two storms by pulling cooler air in from the north. Here is a look at the latest forecast for Wednesday afternoon as the storm approaches:

The next storm comes in on the heels of this storm, here is a look at very early Friday morning:

The last storm in the bunch shows up around Sunday at noon. These storm are coming back to back to back and we will see nearly constant mountain snow above 7,000 feet to start and then lower as that first storm makes its way through. That snow will last nearly an entire week.

Precip totals are about what we were predicting with 3-6 feet for the Carson Range and up to 10 feet for the western crest.

Just for fun, although I rarely do this: I see 1-2 feet of additional snow for the leeward foothills of Reno and Carson City. Up to a foot for the valley floor.

As a teaser, I am now tracking a very large storm that could show up in about 10-12 days. Right now it is tracking slightly north, but we will keep a close eye on it.

Stay Tuned ...