Storm Machine Starts Up Wednesday

On any other day of any other year we would be talking about a very active storm cycle that will be arriving on Wednesday. However, after 20 feet of snow in just over 8 days it is very difficult to call any storm large again!

Having said that, we have a very active weather pattern heading to Tahoe, starting on Wednesday afternoon and lasting for at least a week. These are cooler storms, do not have as much moisture to work with and are moving faster. However, there are at least 3 storms that we are tracking and they will arrive on the heals of their predecessor. First the details:

Wednesday Noon through Thursday night (1/18)

Friday Noon through Sunday (1/20)

Monday Night through Wednesday (1/23)

Snow Elevation
Right now, it looks like these storms are going to be all snow above 7,000 feet. Each storm will be progressively warmer. I look for snow elevations of the first storm to start around lake level.

Impressive at any other time but this one, here are the forecast total precip amounts:

Parts of the Sierra, west of the crest could see another 10 feet, I know, unimpressive. There will be some shadowing and I look for the Carson Range to pick up an additional 3-6 feet of snow above 7,000 feet.

January Going out like a Lamb
I see the possibility of one more storm moving in after this next cycle. Then I believe we will see high pressure move in off the cost and we should dry out for a least a few weeks toward the end of the month and beginning of February.

Stay Tuned ...


  1. "Each storm will be progressively warmer." -What makes you think that. All the models show lower snow levels after the first storm on Wednesday.

    1. I will publish the 850 mb charts tomorrow that will give us a much better idea of the elevation of the storms.

  2. I am basing this solely on the trajectory of the storm. The first storm comes in from the north and each storm progressively comes in more from the west where they will pull of moisture from the south.

  3. You had me second guessing my trip after the "warmer storms" mention. I also thought they would be progressively colder....lets hope so!

  4. Don't change your plans just because of a persons blog entry. Yes, the storms are looking increasingly cold.


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