String of Storms from North Start Sunday

As our ridge in the jet has slid west, a small opening of the storm door door is being created. A string of storms are poised to hit our area, each progressively stronger, each pushing that ridge a little further west. What does that mean? Snow, maybe not lots of it, but certainly some snow that could be measured by the foot and not the inch. It also means much cooler weather.

We see 2-3 feet of snow coming our way in the next 10 days and possibly more. These storms are mostly coming in from the north so we do not see shadowing, in fact the Carson range could pick up more snow than the Sierra. Here is the timing:

Sunday 2/18

Early Thursday 2/22

Late Friday 2/23

Monday 2/26

Notice as the ridge slides a little more west, the storm track begins to come from the northwest as opposed to due north. That means there will be a better moisture tap and thus more precip.

Folks, this will be all snow for the Carson range as much colder weather is coming our way starting Sunday with snow to the lowest valley locations of Nevada.

Here is the 10-day precip forecast:

The last two events are coming more out of the west. So the first two systems will be better for the Carson range and the next two will be more equally distributed. The best possibility looks like 3 inches of liquid with high snow to water ratios (15-20 : 1). So, in a best case scenario, we could see up to 3 feet of snow in the next 10 days for the Carson Range.

Stay Tuned ...