Two Large Spring Storms Headed Our Way

We talked about these two storms in the last post, but I feel it is worth putting out an update as both of these storms are large and packed with moisture. The first storm will show up very early Thursday morning. It will stick around for some 60 hours with heavy to moderate snow fall nearly non-stop for the Sierra. I like the trajectory of this storm to spill over and create havoc in the leeward valleys. We are looking at 3-5 feet or more for the Sierra while the foothills could see 1-3 feet and the valley floor could pick up several inches. This storm will be raging starting Thursday morning and last about 18-24 hours before a short lull and then another strong wave comes in. Here is a look at the forecast for Thursday at 4:00pm:

All snow at all elevations for the Tahoe Ski Resorts.

The next storm comes in very early the morning of March 7th. The EC weather model has this storm slamming us again, although not as much as the first storm. Here is a look at the forecast for the 7th:

The NWS is not ready to hop on the band wagon so buyer beware. The EC weather model is the most advanced, well funded and accurate of all the models and we rely heavily on it at TWB. We also look further out than anybody else, but consider this your disclaimer.

Combine both storms as we see it and you are looking at some pretty impressive precip totals:

West of the lake in the High Sierra we believe the two combined storms will dump in the neighborhood of 10 feet. 4-8 feet for the Carson Range.

This storm cycle will certainly bring us closer to our average precip. One of the big problems; we had a storm that dumped 4 inches of rain below 10,000 feet. Considering our 250% of average snow last year, we believe that 70-80% of average, along with additional rainfall is not too bad. Add up the last 10 years and guess what you get: Average snowfall! My friends, that is how Ma Nature works.

Stay Tuned ...