Tahoe March Miracle?

We have one storm, that has strengthened and is pulling moisture from the Pacific, knocking at our door. Another large spring storm on tap for Thursday, Friday and Saturday. We are tracking a third storm which right now looks big for the following week. All three storms will be all snow for all Tahoe Resort Elevations.

Add it all together and do we have the March Miracle?

The first storm has picked up moisture and will hit Tahoe tomorrow morning. Right now the EC weather model has this storm hitting the area around 4:00 am tomorrow. Here is a look as the wave of moisture moves right over us, at the noon forecast for tomorrow:

This storm will stick around for about 24 hours. I do not see an enormous amount of moisture associated with this storm. For the Carson Range we should see about 6-12 inches of snow, possibly a bit more depending on how much moisture this thing picked up.

The next storm is much bigger, but right now, not the biggest of the 3. Still, this storm has an impressive moisture tap and will bring 6-8 inches of liquid precip north and west of Lake Tahoe. We see very little shadow effect with this storm and the Carson Range could pick up 3-5 inches of liquid. That liquid, of course, will be all snow and could total 4 feet or more. We saw this pattern develop last year. This year we are not yet seeing the unbelievable moisture totals, but this is still a good old fashion Tahoe dump coming. This year, the storms are colder.

The next storm we are tracking will show up Wednesday or Thursday of the following week (March 7th or 8th). This storm has the best moisture tap we have seen this year. Of course it is still 10-days out so things could change, but we really like this pattern that has developed.

Finally, here is the liquid precip forecast for the first 2 storms:

My how things change quickly. As we have said before and we will continue to say, averages have a way of catching up.

Stay Tuned ...