As High Pressure Settles In, Expect an Extended Dry Period

As the last remnants of this major storm wrap around our area and bring in very cold air, especially for this time of year, a major change is on the horizon.

We talked about this in our last two posts. Here is the change:

As air rotates clockwise around the ridge of high pressure and that ridge of high pressure moves closer to the coast, we can expect a gradual warming and the possibility of mid-70's by late next week in the leeward valleys of the Sierra.

We are quickly approaching average snowfall for the Carson Range and Sierra, which is a little deceiving because we had nearly a foot of rain in several very warm storms earlier in the season. That makes the last 3 years of average or above average precip for our region. That was preceded by 4 years of below average precip. Folks, that is how it works. Ma Nature is not on a schedule. This machine that we call our climate is full of peaks and valleys. That is why we always say "average" and not "normal". Our climate is constantly changing, both in the short and long term, but if you look at historical averages you may note, the more things change, the more they stay the same.

Coming Soon: We will publish a link to the Solar Cycle 25 report. This is a report on historical and forecast Earthly climate effect by the sun. Hint: we may long for the days of "global warming".

I expect at least 10 days of dry and mild weather before we see any movement of this ridge in the Jet Stream. However, we know the day will come when the storm door opens again.

When will that be?

Stay Tuned ...