The Last Storm in the Current Cycle is Knocking at the Door

The current storm cycle has lasted nearly a month with several strong storms dumping lots of snow throughout the Sierra and Carson Range. That cycle is coming to an end, but not until we get pounded by one more large storm.

We have been talking about this storm for about 10 days now and it is not going to disappoint. There will be some shadowing for the Carson Range but we still expect snow measured in feet starting tomorrow and ending early Friday with a 2nd wave on tap for Saturday.

Snow levels could approach 8,000 feet when this thing really gets going. Initially however, we are looking at 7,000-7,500 feet. When the heavy moisture comes in the snow levels will rise. How high? Our best guess is above 8,000 feet for a short period of time until a cold front comes in and drops snow levels all the way down to 5,000 feet. For the most part, this will be all snow for Mt. Rose. There is a better than 50/50 chance that snow levels never make it to 8,000 feet.

Approaching Storm (Tomorrow afternoon 3/20)

Storm Strengthening, snow levels could hit 8,000 feet or higher (Wednesday, Early Morning 3/21)

Storm Cranking, cold front begins to move in (Thursday Early Morning 3/22)

Storm Slides South Pummels Mammoth (Thursday Early Afternoon)

The bulk of the storm is out of here by early Friday morning. As the cold front slides down, snow levels drop to 5,000 feet with a couple more waves of snow. The largest of which comes in early Saturday morning:

A smaller wave comes in late Saturday night and quickly reinforces the cold front.

Then that's it for at least a week or so, as a ridge of high pressure moves into the area and we begin to dry out. This March Miracle storm cycle will have dumped 15-30 feet of snow in less than a month on the Sierra and Carson Range. 

Before all is said and done, however, this last storm is going drop 2-5 feet on the Carson Range above 7,500 feet and 3-6 feet on the Sierra above 7,500 feet. Mammoth could easily pick up 6-8 feet. The forecast precip has a large part of the Central and Northern Sierra picking up 10-12 inches of liquid precip.

The cold front will hang around until late Monday and then we will begin to warm up. Slowly our temps will go from the 50's to the 60's to the 70's in the leeward valleys of the Carson Range.

How long will the dry period last?

Stay Tuned ...