Impressive Series of Storms will Continue to Pound Tahoe

I cannot remember such an active pattern so early in the season. I know, we were talking about what a slow start, but in true snow belt fashion, that all changed, seemingly overnight.

The current storm will continue to bring in light snow to the northern Sierra. The track of that storm did shift south and Mammoth looks to be the big winner.

Fear not, we are tracking 3 more massive storms in the next 15 days. Starting Saturday afternoon (11/30) and lasting through Monday night (12/2) this storm will bring a huge mixed bag of precipitation at a constant rate to Tahoe. We could even see some freezing rain in the leeward valleys. Here is a look at the storm around it's peak, early Sunday afternoon:

This storm will stall out and continue to dump on Tahoe. Eventually it will then move south, then head back north and bring some additional moisture to us. All told this storm will effect our weather from Saturday through next Wednesday (12/4).

Then the big storm moves in. This storm is impressive, has a sub-tropical moisture tap and will stall out and dump copious amounts of precip right down on us. It gets cranking late Thursday and will be effecting our weather through Sunday (12/8).

Here is the forecast for early Friday, December 6:

Then this thing really cranks up, here is a look at Saturday, December 7th around noon:

Late Sunday the 8th this storm moves out. The next storm comes in Tuesday December 10th around noon:

This pattern is showing no signs of letting up. The year we broke all records, which was 2016 I believe, we saw a pattern similar to this. Here is a look at the liquid precip forecast for the next 15 days:

Most areas of Tahoe, above 7,500 feet should pick up in the neighborhood of 15-20 inches of liquid. With the cold nature of these storms that could translate into 15-25 feet of snow ... in the next 15 days!

Unofficial Rose will have all the new terrain and lift openings for Mt. Rose. Also, Sven will post some back country advice as dangerous avalanche conditions will exist.

Stay Tuned ...