Cold Slider for Saturday; Several Warmer Systems on Horizon as Weather Pattern Changes

We usually do not waste your time talking about what is happening or what happened. But that last storm squeezed every ounce of moisture it had and seemed to dump it all on the Carson Range. We'll take it!

We have another very similar system on tap for Saturday, here is a look at very early Saturday morning as the system approaches. This is another slider, notice the area of low pressure to the east. Again, we could see more snow in some valley locations than we see on the western Sierra Crest.

The next system is a bit tricky. It is going to move down the coast, offshore, and then pull a u-turn and come back up the coast, on shore. Both GFS and EC are forecasting precip for Southern California. The EC is predicting significant precip for both Southern and Central California:

This begins to impact the area around the 10th March and will usher in a pattern change. Notice how warm the system is however. We could have rain to very high elevations. This is still a week out and the two main models are not fully in agreement.

Around the 13th, the GFS model has a much bigger Sierra type storm moving in from the north and tapping into sub-tropical moisture. Another very warm storm that could see snow levels rise to 8,000 feet or even more and then as the front moves through those snow levels will plummet.

Our confidence on storm 2 and 3 is not very high because of how far out they are and the non-consolidation of  the models.

Stay Tuned ...