High Pressure to Remain in Control for next Couple of Weeks; Slider on Monday Night?

 High Pressure has moved off the coast and will be in control of our weather for the next couple of weeks ... Especially after Tuesday.

The NWS is calling for a period of "moderate to heavy snow" for the Eastern Nevada valleys as a slider type system is going to shove south through our area. They are the pro's so I would keep an eye out for this. None of the models are showing this scenario so we have a faceoff between the weather models and the NWS, I guess we will see who wins.

As high pressure continues to control our weather, expect plenty of sunshine and average to slightly below average temperatures for the next couple of weeks.

For those snow enthusiasts (like everybody who reads this blog), we are seeing a chance for a moderate storm to move in from the Pacific around the 4th of April:

Being 2 weeks out, our confidence is low but thought we would pass this on.

Stay Tuned ...