One More Storm Cycle; No April Fools

 It is going to warm up ahead of the next and perhaps last storm cycle of this ski season.

Of course this will not be a strong storm cycle this late in the season as our weather transitions from the rainy season to the dry season. Also, storms this late in the season are weaker and sometimes unable to make it over the Sierra and if they do they can die out on the east side of the crest. Having said that, we do expect some snow in the Carson Range over the next couple of weeks.

Starting with early on April 6:

Then another storm comes in early on the 11th:

We are tracking what could be another storm for Tax Day, but we will wait and see on that one.

In the meantime, conditions remain excellent all around Tahoe. Resorts will begin to close so get those last turns of the season in.

I saw an interesting post that Whistler is closing for 3 weeks due to the Corona Virus. I did check the Washoe County website yesterday and there were a total of 25 cases in all of Northern Nevada and only 27 hospitalizations in Northern Nevada due to COVID-19, see for yourself (Nevada Hospital Association). Seems like there would be no reason to close our local ski areas with cases and hospitalizations at an all time low since this thing started.

Stay Tuned ...