Thinking Spring? Think Again!

 Today (March 4th) will be our last glimpse of spring for quite some time as we enter a very active weather pattern starting tomorrow and lasting at least the next 2 weeks.

Although we do not see any giant Sierra storms, we see at least a half dozen smaller storms that will bring in much cooler air and some snow.

Here is the synopsis: 

Early Saturday Morning (March 6th) - This is a weaker storm but will bring 6 inches or so to Mt. Rose by Saturday Afternoon. It will also bring much cooler air.

Late Monday (March 8th) - This is a little stronger storm that will bring in several waves of snow and cold air. It should produce an additional foot of snow. The next chart is the same storm as it approaches Tahoe.

Early Wednesday (March 10th) After this storm moves through we will still have several waves of light precip and cold air.

Late Saturday (March 13th) The precip comes back, albeit on the light side.

March 17th - We could be looking at a moderate St. Patrick's day storm. 

Here is a look at the precip amounts for the next 2 weeks:

We could be looking at around 2-3 feet spread out over the next couple of weeks. This looks like all snow at all elevations for all Tahoe resorts as these storms are on the colder side.

Stay Tuned ...


  1. Hoping for a miracle march and a wet april


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