Next System Shifts North To Tahoe

Weather Update
I talked about the 2nd system a few posts ago. Initially the models had that system shifting south and just grazing us here in Tahoe. That has changed. That system will move inland and hit the Tahoe area with more heavy snow starting Thursday around noon and lasting through Friday. The system does not have the winds associated with it either. NWS is considering posting a heavy snow warning for the Tahoe Sierra.

After a two day rest, late Monday another system should move into the area. The models are all over the place with this one. I am thinking next Tuesday could be another heavy snow day in the Sierra. The potential exists for another major winter storm.

We will stay in this wintry pattern for at least the next 15 days so conditions should be near perfect.

Today's Conditions
I ventured up the mountain today and it was an epic day. I went to Mt. Rose Ski Tahoe. They had both their high speed lifts running all day long. Very few people made it up as the parking lot and the slopes were nearly empty. It was one of those days when your tracks take about 1/2 hour to fill in. My Son and I, had fresh lines from 9am - 3pm, it snowed hard most of the day. 

I will fine tune next weeks forecast in the coming days ... Stay Tuned