Human Induced Global Warming Predictions Falling Like Dominoes

Quick Weather Update
It is going to be hot this week. It is going to be really hot next week with high's in the upper 90's or above. So if you are waiting for the warm weather, your wait is almost over. 

Colorado River Flows
Some amazing numbers are coming out concerning the water levels of Lake Mead and Lake Powell in Nevada/Arizona. Before we go into those numbers read this quote from the New York Times. The link to the ridiculous article is published at the end of this post:

"Lake Mead has a 50 percent chance of becoming unusable by 2021, the scientists say, if the demand for water remains unchanged and if human-induced climate change follows climate scientists’ moderate forecasts, resulting in a reduction in average river flows."

The headline of the article is:

"Lake Mead Could Be Within a Few Years of Going Dry, Study Finds"

This article was published in 2008. What is amazing and something you find all the time in the liberal media, is the purposeful distortion of the facts as stated in the headline. The article states Lake Mead is unusable by 2021. That is 13 years from when the article is published. The headline says the lake could go dry in a few years, according to some study. When I talked about the billions in grants to prove that humans are warming the planet, this is just the sort of study that I refer to.

This article and study are based on completely bogus assumptions that the drought we had in 2007 was man caused and that the drought would continue and get worse forever illustrated by "a reduction in average river flows". The arrogance of such claims is amazing. Do these so called scientists think we are all complete idiots? They must.

Lake Powell and Lake Mead Today - The Facts
Here are a couple of charts of Lake Powell and Lake Mead. Remember Lake Powell feeds Lake Mead:

These charts represent what has happened to the water levels of these two lakes that provide most of the water for Las Vegas and Phoenix. Currently there is a giant snowpack. Lake Powell alone is adding, get this, 38.5 BILLION gallons of water daily. That number will increase as the weather warms! The water level in Lake Powell has increased over 25 vertical feet since mid-April and that number is increasing. So much for a reduction in average river flows!

Lake Mead has seen about half the increase in water level. However, Mead is fed by Powell and they have not released any extra water yet. That will change in a few weeks and we will see an even more dramatic rise in Lake Mead.

Where will you hear about the faulty science and bogus press? Not many places. However you will continue to hear about it at the TWB.

Stay Tuned ...

Lake Mead Could Be Within a Few Years of Going Dry, Study Finds