Record Rains and Snows

Wow. The foothills of Reno picked up nearly 3 inches of rain over the weekend. The upper elevations of the Sierra picked up 5+ feet of snow. The Carson Range, west of Reno, probably picked up in the 4 foot range. Truly an amazing storm for June. As of 9:30am, we still have heavy to moderate snow in the upper elevations (8,000+) of the Carson Range. That will be winding down late this morning. There could be some wrap around moisture, but for the most part, this should mark the end of winter.
Prior to this storm, we were running very high from a snowpack point of view. In fact the Northern Sierra (North of Lake Tahoe) was at 559% of average. That is measured as a snow to water content. The Central Sierra (Lake Tahoe South to Yosemite, was at 332% of average. That was before this storm. Why do you never hear that? When we were running below average, it was a major story. Hmmm ...

Take a look for yourself:

California Snowpack

This may be the last time you hear from me for a while. Our much awaited high pressure ridge will start digging in on Wednesday. We should see 80's this weekend and 90's all next week, which means summer has finally arrived. Which also means you do not need me to tell you it is going to be sunny and warm each day with cool nights.

Next Winter
I will continue my research and begin to report on next winter forecasts in coming posts. 

Global Cooling
In the mid-70's, scientists were nearly "unanimous" in their agreement that we were at the beginning of another ice age. They predicted dire consequences in food supply. In short the earth was doomed, they were sure of it. The title "Scientist", at the current rate, will soon be synonymous with "Used Car Salesman" or "Lawyer" (Remember when lawyer was an honorable profession? It still is, just takes a few bad apples). The credibility of our current crop of scientists is certainly to be questioned.

Global Cooling a Certainty