Unseasonably Large Cold Front Knocking at the Door

Normally this blog is in hibernation this time of year, but this is no normal year. There is a very large cold front pushing down the Oregon coast that is coming our way. With this front will come wind, rain, snow in the upper elevations (> 9,500) and much cooler weather. Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday temperatures will probably not get out of the 70's in the leeward valleys of the Sierra. Likewise, in California, high temps will by 20-30 degrees below average. Here is a look:

This satellite picture is unheard of this time of year. Enjoy the cool weather while it lasts as summer is coming in full force as the jet will shift far to the north allowing much warmer air to come into the Northern Sierra. Temperatures could reach 100 by the beginning of next week in areas like Reno and Carson City.

Mother Nature willing, I can now go back to hibernation.

Stay tuned ...