Heavy Snow Starts Late Tonight and Lasts Through Wednesday

Short Term
The Sierra is in the cross hairs of another larger storm that will start to make its presence felt later this afternoon and last through the day tomorrow with lingering snow lasting through Thursday. This storm is larger and has a much better moisture tap than yesterday's. Here is what we are looking at very early tomorrow morning (2/29):

Large Storm Coming to Tahoe Sierra
This storm will have a more profound affect over the Western Sierra than the Carson range. However I still expect a heavy dose of snow for the Carson Range. Right now we are looking at 2-3 feet for the Sierra Crest west of Lake Tahoe with 1-2 feet for Slide Mountain and the Carson Range. This should be all snow from the lake level on up. Incidentally, we are looking at 6-12 inches around the lake.

Mid Term
We are still looking at the potential for another storm next week, the question remains when? The models are not in sync on this one but the consensus is some time around mid-week expect another storm similar to the two that we have had this week. Here is a look at the precip potential through next week:

Precip Through Next Week

Again the Western Sierra will get more from these series of storms. We are looking at 3-4 inches of additional precip through next week.

Long Term
I am still very encouraged by the potential for this stormy pattern to continue through at least the 3rd week in March. Here is a look at the PNA. Notice how it goes negative long term. This usually means storms moving further south and bodes well for our area:

I just read the MJO has begun to move west again. If all the stars align, it could be a very stormy March, we will just have to see. For now, we have been preaching to not give up on this winter and will continue to do so.

Stay Tuned ...